Don't wait for customer data that fuels customer engagement and revenue.

Until now, marketeers are left with few options

Lose momentum

Keep chasing your data colleagues while losing momentum.

Trusted by leading brands scaling Customer Intimacy

Do the heavy lifting

Spend hours or days on datacrunching instead of doing what you're good at.

Accept your faith

Get over it. Stop caring. Make peace with mediocre campaign results.

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  • Be your AI-driven customer data analyst who provides you with the nuts and bolts to launch your next marketing campaign.

  • Unlock next-level segmentation capabilities by using multiple data sources within your company.

  • Boost campaign performance due to flawless personalization and customer experiences

  • Enable you to make data-driven decisions on the spot and launch campaigns faster (without being held back by data/tech teams).

  • Help you focus on what you do best: launching campaigns that drive customer engagement and revenue.

Why you will love NGenAI

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Don't just take our word for it

Corine Bos - Director IT & Digital - Jaarbeurs

'We see a lot of new opportunities for insights where we haven't thought of them yet and the easiness of use for people with non-technical background'

'By deploying AI, we aim to enrich our organisation with analytics and predictive capabilities, allowing us to not only anticipate customer needs but also create innovative experiences.'

Rogier van de Hoef - Chief Product Owner Digital - Jaarbeurs

Our features

Based on your context

Using Nominow, connect every data source and use high quality data like never before.

Combine data from different sources and create segments faster with AI for personalization.

Next level segmentation


Ask anything to your data about your customers using a ChatGPT-like user experience.

Real-time data

All data is in real-time at your fingertips for you to use in your customer interactions.

Lightning fast responses

With Groq's Language Processing Unit™️, get answers in milliseconds, not hours.

Easy to use

Create segments in Nominow or export via SFTP/API for analysis or campaigns.

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The choice is yours

If you made it this far, you probably understand the pain points we are talking about.

AI is about to make a significant impact on the ease of data access in your organization.

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  • You chasing data and tech teams to provide you with the right data and insights

  • Or worse, you scavaging multiple systems for hours or days ending up datacrunching yourself

  • You launching “speed over perfection” campaigns with mediocre result (and you are being held accountable)
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